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Progressive Web Apps is the recent technology that is driving a creative way of delivering an exceptional user experience. Progressive Web Apps are extremely reliable, fast, and interactive, and offer a unique experience to the users regardless of the device they are using.

We, on the other side, are a Progressive Web App (PWA) development company are helping businesses to develop PWAs that are not only fast and lite but also make sure that the web applications are adaptive and run smoothly on multiple devices of different screen sizes and effortlessly run just like native applications.

Attributes of Progressive Web Applications


The interface of the PWA provides fast, basic, and interactive user experience to all users. PWA adjusts and blends easily with both tablets and mobile phones.


PWAs work with each and every requirement of your business regardless of what browser or smartphone device you are using as they are developed with a robust upgrade as a core tenet.

Extremely Responsive

Offers an effortless user engagement and interactivity on multiple devices regardless of the form factors which are present or yet to come.

Re Engaging

Progressive Web Apps are and can be easily discovered by search engines. And not just that, but they as well as work in offline mode and runs the home screen.

Regular Updates

The Progressive Web Apps are updated on a frequent note in HTTPS medium and are used by apps to get access, prevent prying, and tampering with the content.

Connectivity Independent

PWAs run greatly even on devices that have bad internet connectivity with the assistance of the service workers. Of course, some work in offline mode too.

Why Infiotech?

At Infiotech, we completely focus on delivering quality-rich progressive web app development services which run well across devices and platforms.

Custom Apps

Our expert team of Progressive Web Apps with their cutting-edge development techniques offer you with custom and quality applications that run smoothly on multiple devices.

Lifecycle Management

At Infiotech, we offer our clients with technical assistance at every stage of the application development lifecycle.

Flexible Engagement Models

Our clients get to save their pockets at a big time when compared to the costs of in-house development.

100% Confidentiality

We protect your privacy as we adhere to stringent confidentiality norms which we will sign before the project takes off.

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